Vitamix Warranty

Vitamix blenders have amazing warranties. All brand new blenders come with 7 year warranties; refurbished blenders come with 5 year warranties. Both  be extended by 3 years for an additional $75. However, Vitamix claims fewer than 1% of their blenders are ever returned for service though, so you’ll probably never need it.

What does this warranty cover? “Defect in material or workmanship” (whatever that means)? Yes, but also normal wear and tear from ordinary household use! If you’re a heavy blender or food processor user like most raw foodists, this is an incredible deal. Did your motor burnout (extremely unlikely for a Vitamix) or something else break? Just send it in and Vitamix will either repair or completely replace your blender within 30 days. For free. Including shipping. No begging, arguing, or questions asked. It certainly made the upfront cost much easier for me. I’ve lost count of the number of cheaper blenders I’ve destroyed and replaced over the years.

Ok, so what’s the catch? The only thing I can think of is that they don’t cover “cosmetic changes” that don’t affect performance. This includes discoloration, scratches from using an abrasive cleaner, or food buildup. So just be careful to always properly clean your Vitamix to ensure a long and pretty life.

To take advantage of this amazing offer, make sure you register your new blender. Either send in the card that came with the blender, register online, or call them. If you ordered it online, it should be automatically registered for you. Why bother to register it? Simple: if something happens and you need to send your Vitamix in for repair or replacement, and you haven’t registered it, you’ll need the original receipt. Do you save all your receipts for 7 years? I sure don’t.

One final, awesome benefit: the warranty moves with the blender. If you sell your blender, it transfers to the new owner. If you buy a used Vitamix from someone else, you get the remaining time on the warranty. Just update the registration with the new owner’s info, and you’re all set.

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