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Use our Vitamix promotion code


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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Receive a free copy of the book Liquid Raw: Over 125 Juices, Smoothies, Soups, and other Raw Beverages with any blender purchase through December 31! Simply enter our promotion code and Free Shipping + Free Book will appear in your shopping cart.

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How to Order with Our Exclusive Vitamix Promotion Code

Order directly and securely through

(The discount will automatically be applied to your “shopping cart.” Or, you can enter the Vitamix promotion code manually on the checkout page, where it says “Enter Promotion Code:” next to your order total).

You can also order by phone at:

1-800-VITAMIX (1-800-848-2649)

Either way you choose to order, just make sure you use the promo code 06-005480 for free shipping!

Other Ways to Save

Save an extra $150+ with a Reconditioned Vitamix! They are fully inspected, have a new container / lid / tamper, and come with a full 5 Year Warranty. And you can still use the Vitamix promotion code 06-005480 for free shipping (for a total $175+ savings). Check out our guide to the different reconditioned Vitamix packages.

Replacing your old Vitamix? Earn $100 for your old machine with the Vitamix Trade-In Program!

Why Vitamix?

I bought my first blender for $25 at Walmart. I tore open the box, washed it, and threw in a handful of ice and fruit – excited for my first homemade smoothie. I turned on the switch and… it made a clicking sound. And then smelled a bit like smoke.

A good blender is the most important thing in a raw foodist’s kitchen. It’s our version of a stove. As such, make sure you buy a good one. We use our Vitamix several times a day: smoothies, juices, salad dressings, soups, sauces, nut butters, guacamole … even frozen desserts.

A Vitamix doesn’t just blend, it pulverizes. Throw in whole foods: skin, seeds, pith, leaves, and fiber. This thing can literally handle anything you can throw in it. It’s a blender, juicer, food processor, and grinder in one. It is the only appliance you will ever need.

Not only that, it’s a cinch to clean (add a drop of soap, some water, and blend for 30 seconds – yes, really), made in America, and comes with a full 7-year warranty!

It’s no wonder that Vitamix’s are also used by a long list of celebrity chefs such as Michael Symon and Ani Phyo, restaurant chains like Jamba Juice and Baskin Robbins, and are even endorsed by the Culinary Institute of America!

So go to and get free shipping with the Vitamix promotion code 06-005480!